Commit fb88bf2d authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(decode_coding_iso2022): Update coding->fake_multibyte.

encode_coding_iso2022, decode_coding_sjis_big5,
encode_coding_sjis_big5, decode_eol, encode_eol, decode_coding,
encode_coding): Likewise.
(shrink_decoding_region, shrink_encoding_region): Do not skip
non-ASCII code in any cases.  Bug fix for getting starting address
from BEG.
(code_convert_region): Sync character positions correctly by
paying attention to coding->fake_multibyte.
(code_convert_string): Set number of character and bytes just
processed in members of CODING.
(code_convert_string): Adjusted for the change of
(code_convert_region1): Likewise.
parent e6a9a0bc
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