Commit fb925bd8 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(Man-hyphenated-reference-regexp): New variable.

(Man-build-references-alist): Use it to search for referenced
manpages.  If hyphenated is non-nil, record a concatenated word in
Man-refpages-alist only if it matches Man-reference-regexp.
Update word's length when it is concatenated.  Reverse the list,
to get the first manpage at the head.
(Man-possibly-hyphenated-word): New function.
(Man-follow-manual-reference): Use it instead of current-word to
find a manpage at point, in a way that accounts for hyphenated
parent daecec4e
......@@ -276,6 +276,12 @@ This regular expression should start with a `^' character.")
(defvar Man-reference-regexp
(concat "\\(" Man-name-regexp "\\)(\\(" Man-section-regexp "\\))")
"Regular expression describing a reference to another manpage.")
;; This includes the section as an optional part to catch hyphenated
;; refernces to manpages.
(defvar Man-hyphenated-reference-regexp
(concat "\\(" Man-name-regexp "\\)\\((\\(" Man-section-regexp "\\))\\)?")
"Regular expression describing a reference in the SEE ALSO section.")
(defvar Man-switches ""
......@@ -887,16 +893,21 @@ The following key bindings are currently in effect in the buffer:
(while (and (not (eobp)) (/= (point) runningpoint))
(setq runningpoint (point))
(if (re-search-forward Man-reference-regexp end t)
(if (re-search-forward Man-hyphenated-reference-regexp end t)
(let* ((word (Man-match-substring 0))
(len (1- (length word))))
(if hyphenated
(setq word (concat hyphenated word)
hyphenated nil))
hyphenated nil
;; Update len, in case a reference spans
;; more than two lines (paranoia).
len (1- (length word))))
(if (= (aref word len) ?-)
(setq hyphenated (substring word 0 len))
(aput 'Man-refpages-alist word))))
(skip-chars-forward " \t\n,")))))))
(setq hyphenated (substring word 0 len)))
(if (string-match Man-reference-regexp word)
(aput 'Man-refpages-alist word))))
(skip-chars-forward " \t\n,"))))))
(setq Man-refpages-alist (nreverse Man-refpages-alist)))
(defun Man-build-page-list ()
"Build the list of separate manpages in the buffer."
......@@ -1052,6 +1063,26 @@ Actually the section moved to is described by `Man-see-also-regexp'."
(error (concat "No " Man-see-also-regexp
" section found in the current manpage"))))
(defun Man-possibly-hyphenated-word ()
"Return a possibly hyphenated word at point.
If the word starts at the first non-whitespace column, and the
previous line ends with a hyphen, return the last word on the previous
line instead. Thus, if a reference to \"tcgetpgrp(3V)\" is hyphenated
as \"tcgetp-grp(3V)\", and point is at \"grp(3V)\", we return
\"tcgetp-\" instead of \"grp\"."
(skip-syntax-backward "w()")
(skip-chars-forward " \t")
(let ((beg (point))
(word (current-word)))
(when (eq beg (save-excursion
(end-of-line 0)
(if (eq (char-before) ?-)
(setq word (current-word))))
(defun Man-follow-manual-reference (reference)
"Get one of the manpages referred to in the \"SEE ALSO\" section.
Specify which REFERENCE to use; default is based on word at point."
......@@ -1059,18 +1090,15 @@ Specify which REFERENCE to use; default is based on word at point."
(if (not Man-refpages-alist)
(error "There are no references in the current man page")
(list (let* ((default (or
(car (all-completions
(skip-syntax-backward "w()")
(skip-chars-forward " \t")
(let ((word (current-word)))
;; strip a trailing '-':
(if (string-match "-$" word)
(substring word 0
(match-beginning 0))
(aheadsym Man-refpages-alist)))
(car (all-completions
(let ((word (Man-possibly-hyphenated-word)))
;; strip a trailing '-':
(if (string-match "-$" word)
(substring word 0
(match-beginning 0))
(aheadsym Man-refpages-alist)))
(prompt (concat "Refer to: (default " default ") ")))
(setq chosen (completing-read prompt Man-refpages-alist nil t))
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