Commit fb9a573a authored by Ken Manheimer's avatar Ken Manheimer
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add neglected allout.el ChangeLog entries to ChangeLog.

parent d82bce4a
......@@ -114,6 +114,13 @@
* mail/mail-utils.el (mail-mbox-from): Handle From: headers with
multiple addresses. (Bug#7760)
2011-01-01 Ken Manheimer <>
allout.el (allout-auto-fill): Do not infinitely recurse - use
do-auto-fill if everything points back to allout-auto-fill.
(allout-mode-deactivate-hook): Declare obsolete, in favor of
standard-formed minor-mode deactivate hook, allout-mode-off-hook.
2010-12-31 Michael Albinus <>
* net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-methods): Add recursive options to "scpc"
......@@ -183,6 +190,21 @@
pretty-printed, so that it is mergeable by line-based text merging,
as suggested by Iain Dalton <iain.dalton {_AT_}>.
2010-12-28 Ken Manheimer <>
allout.el (allout-v18/19-file-var-hack): Obsolete, remove.
(allout-mode): Argument "toggle" => "force".
Refine the docstring.
Remove special provisions for reactivation, besides the 'force'
Consolidate layout provisions coce directly into the activation
condition branch, now that we've removed those provisions.
(allout-unload-function): Explicitly activate the mode before
deactivating, if it's initially deactivated.
(allout-set-buffer-multibyte): Properly prevent byte-compiler
warnings for version of function used only where
set-buffer-multibyte is unavailable.
2010-12-28 Chong Yidong <>
* tool-bar.el (tool-bar-setup): Remove :enable conditions, which
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