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......@@ -556,15 +556,19 @@ word.
NOT-CASECHARS is the opposite regexp of CASECHARS.
OTHERCHARS is a regular expression of other characters that are valid
in word constructs. Otherchars cannot be adjacent to each other in a
word, nor can they begin or end a word. This implies we can't check
\"Stevens'\" as a correct possessive and other correct formations.
OTHERCHARS are characters in the NOT-CASECHARS set but which can be used to
construct words in some special way. If OTHERCHARS characters follow and
precede characters from CASECHARS, they are parsed as part of a word,
otherwise they become word-breaks. As an example in English, assume the
set ['] (as a regular expression) for OTHERCHARS. Then \"they're\" and
\"Steven's\" are parsed as single words including the \"'\" character, but
\"Stevens'\" does not include the quote character as part of the word.
If you want OTHERCHARS to be empty, use nil.
Hint: regexp syntax requires the hyphen to be declared first here.
MANY-OTHERCHARS-P is non-nil if many otherchars are to be allowed in a
word instead of only one.
MANY-OTHERCHARS-P is non-nil when multiple OTHERCHARS are allowed in a word.
Otherwise only a single OTHERCHARS character is allowed to be part of any
single word.
ISPELL-ARGS is a list of additional arguments passed to the ispell
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