Commit fbf370dc authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Kevin Ryde <user42 at>

(erc-cmd-MODE): Hyperlink urls in docstrings with URL `...'.
parent 41dc7913
2009-07-22 Kevin Ryde <>
* erc/erc.el (erc-cmd-MODE): Hyperlink urls in docstring with URL `...'.
2009-03-13 D. Goel <>
* erc-backend.el: In (multiple-value-bind/setq .. ls),
......@@ -3095,7 +3095,7 @@ to send.
If only one word is given, display the mode of that target.
A list of valid mode strings for Freenode may be found at
URL `'."
((string-match "^\\s-\\(.*\\)$" line)
(let ((s (match-string 1 line)))
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