Commit fc05d4fe authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics

Fix segfault when calling frame_ancestor_p (Bug#26493)

* src/xterm.c (handle_one_xevent): Check that hf was not reset
before calling frame_ancestor_p (Bug#26493).
parent 96644ed4
......@@ -8801,7 +8801,7 @@ handle_one_xevent (struct x_display_info *dpyinfo,
frame. */
struct frame *hf = dpyinfo->x_highlight_frame;
if (FRAME_PARENT_FRAME (f) || frame_ancestor_p (f, hf))
if (FRAME_PARENT_FRAME (f) || (hf && frame_ancestor_p (f, hf)))
block_input ();
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