Commit fc0e9092 authored by Leo Liu's avatar Leo Liu Committed by Glenn Morris
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* lisp/time.el (display-time-world-list): Fix typo.

Fixes: debbugs:7571
parent a65112fb
2011-03-04 Leo <>
* time.el (display-time-world-list): Fix typo. (Bug#7571)
2011-03-04 Zachary Kanfer <> (tiny change)
* cus-edit.el (custom-buffer-create-internal):
......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ LABEL is a string to display as the label of that TIMEZONE's time."
;; Determine if zoneinfo style timezones are supported by testing that
;; America/New York and Europe/London return different timezones.
(let (gmt nyt)
(set-time-zone-rule "America/New York")
(set-time-zone-rule "America/New_York")
(setq nyt (format-time-string "%z"))
(set-time-zone-rule "Europe/London")
(setq gmt (format-time-string "%z"))
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