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......@@ -29,6 +29,25 @@ face name prefixes should be in it for good results.
** Update Speedbar.
** Rework how the fringe "angle" bitmap at at bottom of buffer is
shown to include an indication of whether the last line has a NL or not.
[Assigned to KFS]
** Rework how fringe bitmaps are defined and used.
Currently, bitmap usage and bitmap appearence are "mixed-up" in a
one-level representation. It would be cleaner to split the
representation into a two-level model where first level maps
bitmap usage to a bitmap name, and second level maps bitmap name to
a bitmap appearence.
[Assigned to KFS]
** Put a max-limit on the size of images, e.g. based on the display size.
This is to avoid allocating insane amounts of memory due to bogus
image size specifications.
Note: rather than clipping images that are too big (this may be
non-trivial to do correctly in all cases -- and thus non-trivial to
test), it may be better just to avoid displaying such images for emacs 22.
** Investigate reported crashes in compact_small_strings.
......@@ -46,9 +65,6 @@ and has already been posted on the developers' list, but it is on the
back burner waiting for a legal comment or an alternate implementation
(around 30 lines of code).
**'s Sep 13 crash report
about trying to display the invalid gif file poison.gif.
** Make a new interface for specifying window configurations
......@@ -59,6 +75,7 @@ so that we can fix bugs in balance-windows.
TCP/IP server processes created with `make-network-process' consume
excesive CPU on some Windows environments. Usages of 50% and 100%
CPU time have been observed on different Window XP configurations.
Seems to be a problem in sys_select in w32proc.c.
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