Commit fc7bf263 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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2000-10-08 10:59:13 ShengHuo ZHU <>

	* gnus-util.el (gnus-kill-all-overlays): Move out.
parent 06c43cdf
2000-10-26 ShengHuo ZHU <>
* gnus-ems.el: Remove gnus-xemacs. Autoload smiley.
(gnus-kill-all-overlays): Move here.
* gnus-util.el (gnus-kill-all-overlays): Move out.
2000-10-26 Dave Love <>
* mail-source.el: Require imap when compiling and defvar
display-time-mail-function. Require mm-util.
(nnheader-cancel-timer): Autoload.
(mail-source-imap-authenticators, mail-source-imap-streams): New
(mail-sources): Use them.
(defvar): Use rmail-spool-directory unconditionally.
2000-10-26 Dirk Meyer <>
* gnus-demon.el (gnus-demon-time-to-step): theHour was set to
seconds instead of hour.
2000-10-26 Per Abrahamsen <>
* mail-source.el (mail-sources): Better `:type'.
2000-10-26 Kai Gro,A_(Bjohann <Kai.Grossjohann@CS.Uni-Dortmund.DE>
* mail-source.el (mail-source-keyword-map): Use
`rmail-spool-directory' as a default directory for the `file'
source, if the variable is defined. Fall back to hardcoded
"/usr/spool/mail/", as before. Suggestion by Steven E. Harris
2000-10-25 Jason Rumney <> 2000-10-25 Jason Rumney <>
* gnus-art.el (gnus-signature-face): Use italic on any frame that * gnus-art.el (gnus-signature-face): Use italic on any frame that
...@@ -451,14 +451,6 @@ If N, return the Nth ancestor instead." ...@@ -451,14 +451,6 @@ If N, return the Nth ancestor instead."
(file-name-nondirectory file)))) (file-name-nondirectory file))))
(copy-file file to)) (copy-file file to))
(defun gnus-kill-all-overlays ()
"Delete all overlays in the current buffer."
(let* ((overlayss (overlay-lists))
(buffer-read-only nil)
(overlays (delq nil (nconc (car overlayss) (cdr overlayss)))))
(while overlays
(delete-overlay (pop overlays)))))
(defvar gnus-work-buffer " *gnus work*") (defvar gnus-work-buffer " *gnus work*")
(defun gnus-set-work-buffer () (defun gnus-set-work-buffer ()
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