Commit fc7f501b authored by Oleh Krehel's avatar Oleh Krehel Committed by Glenn Morris

* lisp/replace.el (how-many): Fix rstart and !rend case.

Fixes: debbugs:15589
parent fdcb2049
2013-10-13 Oleh Krehel <>
* replace.el (how-many): Fix rstart and !rend case. (Bug#15589)
2013-10-13 Andreas Politz <>
* progmodes/sql.el (sql-add-product): Fix paren typo. (Bug#15435)
......@@ -810,9 +810,12 @@ a previously found match."
(keep-lines-read-args "How many matches for regexp"))
(if rstart
(goto-char (min rstart rend))
(setq rend (max rstart rend)))
(if rend
(goto-char (min rstart rend))
(setq rend (max rstart rend)))
(goto-char rstart)
(setq rend (point-max)))
(if (and interactive transient-mark-mode mark-active)
(setq rstart (region-beginning)
rend (region-end))
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