Commit fc950e09 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(skip_debugger): New function.

(find_handler_clause): Call skip_debugger.
(Vdebug_ignored_errors): New variable.
(syms_of_eval): Set up Lisp variable.
parent 260e2e2a
......@@ -127,6 +127,10 @@ Lisp_Object Vstack_trace_on_error;
if an error is handled by the command loop's error handler. */
Lisp_Object Vdebug_on_error;
/* List of conditions and regexps specifying error messages which
do not enter the debugger even if Vdebug_on_errors says they should. */
Lisp_Object Vdebug_ignored_errors;
/* Nonzero means enter debugger if a quit signal
is handled by the command loop's error handler. */
int debug_on_quit;
......@@ -1259,6 +1263,45 @@ wants_debugger (list, conditions)
return 0;
/* Return 1 if an error with condition-symbols CONDITIONS,
and described by SIGNAL-DATA, should skip the debugger
according to debugger-ignore-errors. */
static int
skip_debugger (conditions, data)
Lisp_Object conditions, data;
Lisp_Object tail;
int first_string = 1;
Lisp_Object error_message;
for (tail = Vdebug_ignored_errors; CONSP (tail);
tail = XCONS (tail)->cdr)
if (STRINGP (XCONS (tail)->car))
if (first_string)
error_message = Ferror_message_string (data);
first_string = 0;
if (fast_string_match (XCONS (tail)->car, error_message) >= 0)
return 1;
Lisp_Object contail;
for (contail = conditions; CONSP (contail);
contail = XCONS (contail)->cdr)
if (EQ (XCONS (tail)->car, XCONS (contail)->car))
return 1;
return 0;
/* Value of Qlambda means we have called debugger and user has continued.
Store value returned from debugger into *DEBUGGER_VALUE_PTR. */
......@@ -1279,14 +1322,15 @@ find_handler_clause (handlers, conditions, sig, data, debugger_value_ptr)
if ((EQ (sig, Qquit)
? debug_on_quit
: wants_debugger (Vdebug_on_error, conditions))
&& ! skip_debugger (conditions, Fcons (sig, data))
&& when_entered_debugger < num_nonmacro_input_chars)
int count = specpdl_ptr - specpdl;
specbind (Qdebug_on_error, Qnil);
*debugger_value_ptr =
call_debugger (Fcons (Qerror,
Fcons (Fcons (sig, data),
= call_debugger (Fcons (Qerror,
Fcons (Fcons (sig, data),
return unbind_to (count, Qlambda);
return Qt;
......@@ -2821,6 +2865,15 @@ if one of its condition symbols appears in the list.\n\
See also variable `debug-on-quit'.");
Vdebug_on_error = Qnil;
DEFVAR_LISP ("debug-ignored-errors", &Vdebug_ignored_errors,
"*List of errors for which the debugger should not be called.\n\
Each element may be a condition-name or a regexp that matches error messages.\n\
If any element applies to a given error, that error skips the debugger\n\
and just returns to top level.\n\
This overrides the variable `debug-on-error'.\n\
It does not apply to errors handled by `condition-case'.");
Vdebug_ignored_errors = Qnil;
DEFVAR_BOOL ("debug-on-quit", &debug_on_quit,
"*Non-nil means enter debugger if quit is signaled (C-g, for example).\n\
Does not apply if quit is handled by a `condition-case'.");
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