Commit fca31fbb authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(describe-font): Improve docstring

and error message.  Use frame-parameter (not frame-parameters).
parent dc3ca107
......@@ -1039,18 +1039,28 @@ but still contains full information about each coding system."
(defun describe-font (fontname)
"Display information about fonts which partially match FONTNAME."
(interactive "sFontname (default current choice for ASCII chars): ")
"Display information about a font whose name is FONTNAME.
The font must be already used by Emacs."
(interactive "sFont name (default current choice for ASCII chars): ")
(or (and window-system (fboundp 'fontset-list))
(error "No fontsets being used"))
(when (or (not fontname) (= (length fontname) 0))
(setq fontname (cdr (assq 'font (frame-parameters))))
(if (query-fontset fontname)
(setq fontname
(nth 1 (assq 'ascii (aref (fontset-info fontname) 2))))))
(let ((font-info (font-info fontname)))
(error "No fonts being used"))
(let (fontset font-info)
(when (or (not fontname) (= (length fontname) 0))
(setq fontname (frame-parameter nil 'font))
;; Check if FONTNAME is a fontset.
(if (query-fontset fontname)
(setq fontset fontname
fontname (nth 1 (assq 'ascii
(aref (fontset-info fontname) 2))))))
(setq font-info (font-info fontname))
(if (null font-info)
(message "No matching font")
(if fontset
;; The font should be surely used. So, there's some
;; problem about getting information about it. It is
;; better to print the fontname to show which font has
;; this problem.
(message "No information about \"%s\"" fontname)
(message "No matching font being used"))
(with-output-to-temp-buffer "*Help*"
(describe-font-internal font-info 'verbose)))))
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