Commit fcbcfb64 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

(system_eol_type): Sync with HEAD.

(coding_inherit_eol_type): If PARENT is nil, inherit from
(syms_of_coding): Initialize system_eol_type.
parent b4413d9f
......@@ -340,6 +340,12 @@ Lisp_Object eol_mnemonic_unix, eol_mnemonic_dos, eol_mnemonic_mac;
decided. */
Lisp_Object eol_mnemonic_undecided;
/* Format of end-of-line decided by system. This is Qunix on
Unix and Mac, Qdos on DOS/Windows.
This has an effect only for external encoding (i.e. for output to
file and process), not for in-buffer or Lisp string encoding. */
static Lisp_Object system_eol_type;
#ifdef emacs
Lisp_Object Vcoding_system_list, Vcoding_system_alist;
......@@ -5174,7 +5180,9 @@ raw_text_coding_system (coding_system)
/* If CODING_SYSTEM doesn't specify end-of-line format but PARENT
does, return one of the subsidiary that has the same eol-spec as
PARENT. Otherwise, return CODING_SYSTEM. */
PARENT. Otherwise, return CODING_SYSTEM. If PARENT is nil,
inherit end-of-line format from the system's setting
(system_eol_type). */
coding_inherit_eol_type (coding_system, parent)
......@@ -5186,15 +5194,20 @@ coding_inherit_eol_type (coding_system, parent)
coding_system = Qraw_text;
spec = CODING_SYSTEM_SPEC (coding_system);
eol_type = AREF (spec, 2);
if (VECTORP (eol_type)
&& ! NILP (parent))
if (VECTORP (eol_type))
Lisp_Object parent_spec;
Lisp_Object parent_eol_type;
= CODING_SYSTEM_SPEC (buffer_defaults.buffer_file_coding_system);
parent_eol_type = AREF (parent_spec, 2);
if (! NILP (parent))
Lisp_Object parent_spec;
= CODING_SYSTEM_SPEC (buffer_defaults.buffer_file_coding_system);
parent_eol_type = AREF (parent_spec, 2);
parent_eol_type = system_eol_type;
if (EQ (parent_eol_type, Qunix))
coding_system = AREF (eol_type, 0);
else if (EQ (parent_eol_type, Qdos))
......@@ -9739,6 +9752,12 @@ character.");
for (i = 0; i < coding_category_max; i++)
Fset (AREF (Vcoding_category_table, i), Qno_conversion);
#if defined (MSDOS) || defined (WINDOWSNT)
system_eol_type = Qdos;
system_eol_type = Qunix;
staticpro (&system_eol_type);
char *
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