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*** empty log message ***

parent 0dc72b8e
2005-05-15 Jay Belanger <>
* calc/calc-store.el (calc-store-value): Return a string rather
than display it as a message.
Use calc-var-name for variable name.
(calc-store-into): Add the result of calc-store-value to message.
(calc-copy-variable): Add a message.
(calc-store-exchange): Improve error messages.
(calc-store-binary, calc-store-map): Don't reset the values of
special constants.
2005-05-14 Luc Teirlinck <>
* emacs-lisp/derived.el (define-derived-mode): Add link to Elisp
2005-05-14 Jay Belanger <>
* calc.texi (Default Simplifications): Insert missing ! (logical
not operator).
2005-05-14 Michael Albinus <>
Sync with Tramp 2.0.49.
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