Commit fcdd8562 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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Virtual Info keyword finder.

(add-to-list)<Info-virtual-files>: Add "\\`\\*Finder.*\\*\\'".
(Info-finder-file): New variable.
(Info-finder-find-file): New function.
(finder-known-keywords, finder-package-info)
(find-library-name, lm-commentary): Use defvar and
declare-function to silence compiler warnings.
(Info-finder-find-node): New function.
(info-finder): New command.
parent c82f92a0
......@@ -3323,6 +3323,88 @@ Build a menu of the possible matches."
(Info-find-node Info-apropos-file nodename)))))
(add-to-list 'Info-virtual-files
(find-file . Info-finder-find-file)
(find-node . Info-finder-find-node)
(defvar Info-finder-file "*Finder*"
"Info file name of the virtual Info keyword finder manual.")
(defun Info-finder-find-file (filename &optional noerror)
"Finder-specific implementation of Info-find-file."
(defvar finder-known-keywords)
(defvar finder-package-info)
(declare-function find-library-name "find-func" (library))
(declare-function lm-commentary "lisp-mnt" (&optional file))
(defun Info-finder-find-node (filename nodename &optional no-going-back)
"Finder-specific implementation of Info-find-node-2."
((equal nodename "Top")
;; Display Top menu with descriptions of the keywords
(insert (format "\n\^_\nFile: %s, Node: %s, Up: (dir)\n\n"
Info-finder-file nodename))
(insert "Finder Keywords\n")
(insert "***************\n\n")
(insert "* Menu:\n\n")
(lambda (assoc)
(let ((keyword (car assoc)))
(insert (format "* %-14s %s.\n"
(concat (symbol-name keyword) "::")
(cdr assoc)))))
((string-match-p "\\.el\\'" nodename)
;; Display commentary section
(insert (format "\n\^_\nFile: %s, Node: %s, Up: Top\n\n"
Info-finder-file nodename))
(insert "Finder Commentary\n")
(insert "*****************\n\n")
"Commentary section of the package `" nodename "':\n\n")
(let ((str (lm-commentary (find-library-name nodename))))
(if (null str)
(insert "Can't find any Commentary section\n\n")
(insert str)
(goto-char (point-min))
(goto-char (point-max))
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (re-search-forward "^;+ ?" nil t)
(replace-match "" nil nil))
;; Display packages that match the keyword
(insert (format "\n\^_\nFile: %s, Node: %s, Up: Top\n\n"
Info-finder-file nodename))
(insert "Finder Packages\n")
(insert "***************\n\n")
"The following packages match the keyword `" nodename "':\n\n")
(insert "* Menu:\n\n")
(let ((id (intern nodename)))
(lambda (x)
(when (memq id (cadr (cdr x)))
(insert (format "* %-16s %s.\n"
(concat (car x) "::")
(cadr x)))))
(defun info-finder ()
"Display descriptions of the keywords in the Finder virtual manual."
(require 'finder)
(Info-find-node Info-finder-file "Top"))
(defun Info-undefined ()
"Make command be undefined in Info."
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