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Describe enhanced networking support.

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......@@ -665,18 +665,52 @@ will lead to undesirable results, so don't let it happen; the first
change group you start for any given buffer should be the last one
** You can now use non-blocking connect to open network streams.
** Enhanced networking support.
The function open-network-stream has a new optional 7th argument.
If non-nil, that function will initiate a non-blocking connect and
return immediately before the connection is established.
*** There is a new `make-network-process' function which supports
opening of stream and datagram connections to a server, as well as
create a stream or datagram server inside emacs.
It returns nil if the system does not support non-blocking connects;
the caller may then make a normal (blocking) open-network-stream.
- A server is started using :server t arg.
- Datagram connection is selected using :datagram t arg.
- A server can open on a random port using :service t arg.
- Local sockets are supported using :family 'local arg.
- Non-blocking connect is supported using :nowait t arg.
The filter and sentinel functions can now be specified as arguments
to open-network-stream. When the non-blocking connect completes, the
sentinel is called with the status matching "open" or "failed".
*** Original open-network-stream is now emulated using make-network-process.
*** New function open-network-stream-nowait.
This function initiates a non-blocking connect and returns immediately
before the connection is established. The filter and sentinel
functions can be specified as arguments to open-network-stream-nowait.
When the non-blocking connect completes, the sentinel is called with
the status matching "open" or "failed".
*** New function open-network-stream-server.
*** New functions process-datagram-address and set-process-datagram-address.
*** By default, the function process-contact still returns (HOST SERVICE)
for a network process. Using the new optional KEY arg, the complete list
of network process properties or a specific property can be selected.
Using :local and :remote as the KEY, the address of the local or
remote end-point is returned. An Inet address is represented as a 5
element vector, where the first 4 elements contain the IP address and
the fifth is the port number.
*** Network processes can now be stopped and restarted with
`stop-process' and `continue-process'. For a server process, no
connections are accepted in the stopped state. For a client process,
no input is received in the stopped state.
*** Function list-processes now has an optional argument; if non-nil,
only the processes whose query-on-exit flag is set are listed.
*** New set-process-query-on-exit-flag and process-query-on-exit-flag
functions. The existing process-kill-without-query function is still
supported, but new code should use the new functions.
** New function substring-no-properties.
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