Commit fd1b7200 authored by Alan Third's avatar Alan Third

Prevent text flicker with macOS input methods (bug#23412)

* src/nsterm.m ([EmacsView setMarkedText:selectedRange:]): Don't
always delete the working text as ns-put-working-text does that.
parent d75794fd
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......@@ -6435,15 +6435,17 @@ - (void)setMarkedText: (id)aString selectedRange: (NSRange)selRange
(unsigned long)selRange.length,
(unsigned long)selRange.location);
if (workingText != nil)
[self deleteWorkingText];
if ([str length] == 0)
[self deleteWorkingText];
if (!emacs_event)
processingCompose = YES;
[workingText release];
workingText = [str copy];
ns_working_text = build_string ([workingText UTF8String]);
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