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Low-Level Font documentation fix

* doc/lispref/display.texi (Low-Level Font): Mention what the data
types the font attributes are (bug#14634).
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......@@ -3660,7 +3660,10 @@ The font name (a string), in either XLFD, Fontconfig, or GTK+ format.
@itemx :slant
@itemx :width
These have the same meanings as the face attributes of the same name.
@xref{Face Attributes}.
@xref{Face Attributes}. @code{:family} and @code{:foundry} are
strings, while the other three are symbols. As example values,
@code{:slant} may be @code{italic}, @code{:weight} may be @code{bold}
and @code{:width} may be @code{normal}.
@item :size
The font size---either a non-negative integer that specifies the pixel
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