Commit fd2d7b3d authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(try_window): Remove frobnication of tab_offset in a minibuffer window.

(display_text_line): Likewise, for the taboffset parameter.
parent 2dd4e608
......@@ -2065,14 +2065,6 @@ try_window (window, pos)
val = *display_text_line (w, pos, vpos, val.hpos, tab_offset,
tab_offset += width;
/* For the first line displayed, display_text_line
subtracts the prompt width from the tab offset.
But it does not affect the value of our variable tab_offset.
So we do the subtraction again,
for the sake of continuation lines of that first line. */
if (MINI_WINDOW_P (w) && vpos == XFASTINT (w->top))
tab_offset -= minibuf_prompt_width;
if (val.vpos) tab_offset = 0;
if (pos != val.bufpos)
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