Commit fd358049 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

* doc/lispref/strings.texi (Case Conversion):

Use a TeX font that support ligatures.
parent 89e257d7
...@@ -1212,12 +1212,12 @@ example: ...@@ -1212,12 +1212,12 @@ example:
@iftex @iftex
@example @example
@group @group
(upcase "fi") ; note: single character, ligature "fi" (upcase "@r{fi}") ; note: single character, ligature "fi"
@result{} "FI" @result{} "FI"
@end group @end group
@group @group
(upcase ?fi) (upcase ?@r{fi})
@result{} 64257 ; i.e. ?fi @result{} 64257 ; i.e. ?@r{fi}
@end group @end group
@end example @end example
@end iftex @end iftex
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