Commit fd809159 authored by Vinicius Jose Latorre's avatar Vinicius Jose Latorre
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Fix face background/foreground extraction.

parent 467e8d77
......@@ -4,6 +4,16 @@
change its title from "Recursive grep..." to "Grep via Find...".
Add menu items for lgrep and rgrep.
2009-01-24 Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
* ps-print.el (ps-print-version): New version 7.3.4.
2009-01-24 Eduard Wiebe <> (tiny change)
* ps-print.el: Fix face background/foreground extraction.
(ps-face-extract-color): New fun.
(ps-face-attributes, ps-face-attribute-list): Code fix.
2009-01-24 Geoff Gole <> (tiny change)
* align.el (align-region): Avoid infloop.
......@@ -11,11 +11,11 @@
;; Maintainer: Kenichi Handa <> (multi-byte characters)
;; Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
;; Keywords: wp, print, PostScript
;; Version: 7.3.3
;; Version: 7.3.4
;; X-URL:
(defconst ps-print-version "7.3.3"
"ps-print.el, v 7.3.3 <2008/10/22 vinicius>
(defconst ps-print-version "7.3.4"
"ps-print.el, v 7.3.4 <2009/01/24 vinicius>
Vinicius's last change version -- this file may have been edited as part of
Emacs without changes to the version number. When reporting bugs, please also
......@@ -6235,6 +6235,13 @@ to the equivalent Latin-1 characters.")
(memq attr '(foreground-color :foreground background-color :background)))
(defun ps-face-extract-color (face-attrs)
(let ((color (cdr face-attrs)))
(if (listp color)
(car color)
(defun ps-face-attributes (face)
"Return face attribute vector.
......@@ -6259,9 +6266,9 @@ If FACE is not a valid face name, use default face."
(cons new-face ps-print-face-alist)))
((ps-face-foreground-color-p (car face))
(vector 0 (cdr face) nil))
(vector 0 (ps-face-extract-color face) nil))
((ps-face-background-color-p (car face))
(vector 0 nil (cdr face)))
(vector 0 nil (ps-face-extract-color face)))
(vector 0 nil nil))))
......@@ -6295,10 +6302,10 @@ If FACE is not a valid face name, use default face."
(ps-face-attributes face-or-list))
;; only foreground color, not a `real' face
((ps-face-foreground-color-p (car face-or-list))
(vector 0 (cdr face-or-list) nil))
(vector 0 (ps-face-extract-color face-or-list) nil))
;; only background color, not a `real' face
((ps-face-background-color-p (car face-or-list))
(vector 0 nil (cdr face-or-list)))
(vector 0 nil (ps-face-extract-color face-or-list)))
;; list of faces
(let ((effects 0)
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