Commit fd85cfb7 authored by Alan Mackenzie's avatar Alan Mackenzie

(c-mask-paragraph): Fix yesterday's buggy patch.

parent 23f74f53
......@@ -3836,8 +3836,13 @@ command to conveniently insert and align the necessary backslashes."
(setq apply-outside-literal t))
((eq c-lit-type 'c) ; Block comment.
(when (and (>= end (cdr c-lit-limits))
(> (point-max) (cdr c-lit-limits)))
(or (> end (cdr c-lit-limits))
(and (= end (cdr c-lit-limits))
(eq (char-before end) ?/)
(eq (char-before (1- end)) ?*)
;; disallow "/*/"
(> (- (cdr c-lit-limits) (car c-lit-limits)) 3)))
;; There is a comment ender, and the region includes it. If
;; it's on its own line, it stays on its own line. If it's got
;; company on the line, it keeps (at least one word of) it.
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