Commit fdefc4d1 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(Waiting): Negative arg to sit-for forces

redisplay even if input is pending.
parent 57813326
......@@ -2532,8 +2532,11 @@ point number, @code{sit-for} waits for a fractional number of seconds.
Some systems support only a whole number of seconds; on these systems,
@var{seconds} is rounded down.
If @var{seconds} is negative, force a redisplay even if there is
pending input. So use @code{(sit-for -1)} to force a redisplay.
The expression @code{(sit-for 0)} is a convenient way to request a
redisplay, without any delay. @xref{Forcing Redisplay}.
redisplay, without any delay, if there is no pending input. @xref{Forcing Redisplay}.
If @var{nodisp} is non-@code{nil}, then @code{sit-for} does not
redisplay, but it still returns as soon as input is available (or when
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