Commit fe1f089f authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(rmail-default-rmail-file): Remove declaration of deleted

variable (only used in gnus-util, which declares it anyway).
(rmail-output-to-rmail-file): Move autoload to gnus-art, the only place
that uses it.
(rmail-insert-rmail-file-header): Remove autoload of deleted function,
only used in gnus-util, which autoloads it itself.
(rmail-update-summary): Fix autoload.
parent 18a56945
......@@ -2802,9 +2802,6 @@ gnus-registry.el will populate this if it's loaded.")
(defvar gnus-reffed-article-number nil)
;;; Let the byte-compiler know that we know about this variable.
(defvar rmail-default-rmail-file)
(defvar gnus-dead-summary nil)
(defvar gnus-invalid-group-regexp "[: `'\"/]\\|^$"
......@@ -2843,10 +2840,14 @@ gnus-registry.el will populate this if it's loaded.")
("babel" babel-as-string)
("nnmail" nnmail-split-fancy nnmail-article-group)
("nnvirtual" nnvirtual-catchup-group nnvirtual-convert-headers)
("rmailout" rmail-output rmail-output-to-rmail-file)
("rmail" rmail-insert-rmail-file-header rmail-count-new-messages
rmail-show-message rmail-summary-exists
rmail-select-summary rmail-update-summary)
;; This is only used in message.el, which has an autoload.
("rmailout" rmail-output)
;; Next two used in gnus-util, which has autoloads, and contrib/sendmail.
("rmail" rmail-count-new-messages rmail-show-message
;; Next two only used in gnus-util.
rmail-summary-exists rmail-select-summary)
;; Only used in gnus-util, which has an autoload.
("rmailsum" rmail-update-summary)
("gnus-audio" :interactive t gnus-audio-play)
("gnus-xmas" gnus-xmas-splash)
("gnus-soup" :interactive t
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