Commit fe412364 authored by Erik Naggum's avatar Erik Naggum
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(syms_of_keyboard): Initialize and staticpro internal_last_event_frame and

parent 0f73bb1c
......@@ -7925,6 +7925,12 @@ syms_of_keyboard ()
unread_switch_frame = Qnil;
staticpro (&unread_switch_frame);
internal_last_event_frame = Qnil;
staticpro (&internal_last_event_frame);
read_key_sequence_cmd = Qnil;
staticpro (&read_key_sequence_cmd);
defsubr (&Sevent_convert_list);
defsubr (&Sread_key_sequence);
defsubr (&Srecursive_edit);
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