Commit fe5ffe0b authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

Move custom group here from calendar.el.

parent 712f117b
......@@ -33,6 +33,11 @@
(require 'calendar)
(require 'diary-loaddefs)
(defgroup diary nil
"Emacs diary."
:prefix "diary-"
:group 'calendar)
(defcustom diary-include-string "#include"
"The string indicating inclusion of another file of diary entries.
See the documentation for the function `diary-include-other-diary-files'."
......@@ -1351,6 +1356,8 @@ is marked. See the documentation for the function `diary-list-sexp-entries'."
(if (bolp) (backward-char 1))
(setq entry (buffer-substring-no-properties entry-start (point))))
(setq date (1- first-date))
;; FIXME this loops over all visible dates.
;; Could be optimized in many cases. Depends on whether t or * present.
(while (<= (setq date (1+ date)) last-date)
(when (setq mark (diary-sexp-entry
sexp entry
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