Commit fe778a12 authored by Bill Wohler's avatar Bill Wohler
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(assoc-string): Fix typo in argument.

parent 588fe8bc
2006-01-17 Bill Wohler <>
* mh-acros.el (assoc-string): Fix typo in argument.
2006-01-16 Bill Wohler <>
* mh-acros.el (require): Remove defadvice of require as defadvice
......@@ -157,8 +157,8 @@ Case is ignored if CASE-FOLD is non-nil.
This function added by MH-E for Emacs versions that lack
`assoc-string', introduced in Emacs 22."
(if case-fold
(assoc-ignore-case key alist)
(assoc key alist))))
(assoc-ignore-case key list)
(assoc key list))))
(provide 'mh-acros)
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