Commit fe7be221 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

Fix ChangeLog typo.

parent 8cc1d519
......@@ -10474,8 +10474,8 @@
(POSIX_SIGNALS): Do not define.
Remove support for old UNIX System V systems.
* s/unixware.h: Add the contents of s/usg-5-4-2.h.
* s/usg-5-4-2.h: Remove.
* s/unixware.h: Add the contents of s/usg5-4-2.h.
* s/usg5-4-2.h: Remove.
Remove support for Solaris on PPC and for old versions.
* s/sol2-6.h: Add the contents of s/sol-2.3.h, s/sol-2.4.h, s/sol-2.5.h.
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