Commit fe7cd06e authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* Doc fix.

parent 1e3255d8
......@@ -288,8 +288,8 @@ src/Makefile: ${srcdir}/src/ Makefile
oldXMenu/Makefile: ${srcdir}/oldXMenu/ Makefile
rm -f oldXMenu/Makefile.tmp
@echo "Producing \`oldXMenu/Makefile' from \`${srcdir}/oldXMenu/Makefile'."
@(echo "# This file is generated from \`${srcdir}/oldXMenu/Makefile'." ; \
@echo "Producing \`oldXMenu/Makefile' from \`${srcdir}/oldXMenu/'."
@(echo "# This file is generated from \`${srcdir}/oldXMenu/'." ; \
echo "# If you are thinking about editing it, you should seriously consider" ; \
echo "# running \`make oldXMenu/Makefile' at the top of the" ; \
echo "# Emacs build tree instead, or editing" ; \
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