Commit fe831d33 authored by Geoff Voelker's avatar Geoff Voelker
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(modify-coding-system-alist): Moved to mule-util.el.

parent e2ed3ecd
......@@ -630,6 +630,58 @@ Return nil if there's no need of setting new buffer-file-coding-system."
(aref (coding-system-eol-type new-coding) new-eol)))
(defun modify-coding-system-alist (target-type regexp coding-system)
"Modify one of look up tables for finding a coding system on I/O operation.
There are three of such tables, file-coding-system-alist,
process-coding-system-alist, and network-coding-system-alist.
TARGET-TYPE specifies which of them to modify.
If it is `file', it affects file-coding-system-alist (which see).
If it is `process', it affects process-coding-system-alist (which see).
If it is `network', it affects network-codign-system-alist (which see).
REGEXP is a regular expression matching a target of I/O operation.
The target is a file name if TARGET-TYPE is `file', a program name if
TARGET-TYPE is `process', or a network service name or a port number
to connect to if TARGET-TYPE is `network'.
CODING-SYSTEM is a coding system to perform code conversion on the I/O
operation, or a cons of coding systems for decoding and encoding
respectively, or a function symbol which returns the cons."
(or (memq target-type '(file process network))
(error "Invalid target type: %s" target-type))
(or (stringp regexp)
(and (eq target-type 'network) (integerp regexp))
(error "Invalid regular expression: %s" regexp))
(if (symbolp coding-system)
(if (not (fboundp coding-system))
(check-coding-system coding-system)
(setq coding-system (cons coding-system coding-system))))
(check-coding-system (car coding-system))
(check-coding-system (cdr coding-system)))
(cond ((eq target-type 'file)
(let ((slot (assoc regexp file-coding-system-alist)))
(if slot
(setcdr slot coding-system)
(setq file-coding-system-alist
(cons (cons regexp coding-system)
((eq target-type 'process)
(let ((slot (assoc regexp process-coding-system-alist)))
(if slot
(setcdr slot coding-system)
(setq process-coding-system-alist
(cons (cons regexp coding-system)
(let ((slot (assoc regexp network-coding-system-alist)))
(if slot
(setcdr slot coding-system)
(setq network-coding-system-alist
(cons (cons regexp coding-system)
(defun make-unification-table (&rest args)
"Make a unification table (char table) from arguments.
Each argument is a list of the form (FROM . TO),
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