Commit feb88fa8 authored by Stefan Kangas's avatar Stefan Kangas
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Bind C-c C-c and C-c C-k in recentf-dialog-mode

* lisp/recentf.el (recentf-dialog-mode-map): Prefer defvar-keymap.
Bind `C-c C-c' and `C-c C-k' to confirm/cancel the dialog.
(recentf-cancel-dialog, recentf-edit-list-validate): Add
interactive mode tags for 'recentf-dialog-mode'.
(recentf-dialog-mode): Mark as non-interactive.
(recentf-edit-list): Display key binding.
parent ec1fffde
......@@ -1050,7 +1050,7 @@ That is, remove a non kept file from the recent list."
(defun recentf-cancel-dialog (&rest _ignore)
"Cancel the current dialog.
IGNORE arguments."
(interactive nil recentf-dialog-mode)
(kill-buffer (current-buffer))
(message "Dialog canceled"))
......@@ -1068,19 +1068,20 @@ Go to the beginning of buffer if not found."
(goto-char (point-min)))))
(defvar recentf-dialog-mode-map
(let ((km (copy-keymap recentf--shortcuts-keymap)))
(set-keymap-parent km widget-keymap)
(define-key km "q" #'recentf-cancel-dialog)
(define-key km "n" #'next-line)
(define-key km "p" #'previous-line)
"Keymap used in recentf dialogs.")
(defvar-keymap recentf-dialog-mode-map
:doc "Keymap used in recentf dialogs."
:parent (make-composed-keymap recentf--shortcuts-keymap widget-keymap)
"q" #'recentf-cancel-dialog
"n" #'next-line
"p" #'previous-line
"C-c C-c" #'recentf-edit-list-validate
"C-c C-k" #'recentf-cancel-dialog)
(define-derived-mode recentf-dialog-mode nil "recentf-dialog"
"Major mode of recentf dialogs.
:interactive nil
:syntax-table nil
:abbrev-table nil
(setq truncate-lines t))
......@@ -1117,6 +1118,7 @@ IGNORE other arguments."
(defun recentf-edit-list-validate (&rest _ignore)
"Process the recent list when the edit list dialog is committed.
IGNORE arguments."
(interactive nil recentf-dialog-mode)
(if recentf-edit-list
(let ((i 0))
(dolist (e recentf-edit-list)
......@@ -1136,8 +1138,8 @@ IGNORE arguments."
"Click on OK to delete selected files from the recent list.
Click on Cancel or type \\[recentf-cancel-dialog] to cancel.\n")))
"Click on \"OK\" or type \\[recentf-edit-list-validate] to delete selected files from the recent list.
Click on \"Cancel\" or type \\[recentf-cancel-dialog] to cancel.\n")))
;; Insert the list of files as checkboxes
(dolist (item recentf-list)
(widget-create 'checkbox
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