Commit fed082a0 authored by David Kastrup's avatar David Kastrup
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(math-partial-fractions): Add some function comments.
parent 9a51747b
2007-06-25 David Kastrup <>
* calc/calc-poly.el (math-padded-polynomial)
(math-partial-fractions): Add some function comments.
2007-06-25 Stefan Monnier <>
* emacs-lisp/autoload.el (autoload-generate-file-autoloads):
......@@ -982,10 +982,16 @@
(defun math-padded-polynomial (expr var deg)
"Return a polynomial as list of coefficients.
If EXPR is of the form \"a + bx + cx^2 + ...\" in the variable VAR, return
the list (a b c ...) with at least DEG elements, else return NIL."
(let ((p (math-is-polynomial expr var deg)))
(append p (make-list (- deg (length p)) 0))))
(defun math-partial-fractions (r den var)
"Return R divided by DEN expressed in partial fractions of VAR.
All whole factors of DEN have already been split off from R.
If no partial fraction representation can be found, return nil."
(let* ((fden (calcFunc-factors den var))
(tdeg (math-polynomial-p den var))
(fp fden)
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