Commit fedf6211 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(sasl-find-mechanism, sasl-mechanism-name)

(sasl-make-client, sasl-next-step, sasl-step-data)
(sasl-step-set-data): Declare as functions.
parent 15c0d42b
......@@ -966,6 +966,13 @@ Returns t if login was successful, nil otherwise."
(imap-capability nil buffer))
(declare-function sasl-find-mechanism "sasl" (mechanism))
(declare-function sasl-mechanism-name "sasl" (mechanism))
(declare-function sasl-make-client "sasl" (mechanism name service server))
(declare-function sasl-next-step "sasl" (client step))
(declare-function sasl-step-data "sasl" (step))
(declare-function sasl-step-set-data "sasl" (step data))
(defun imap-sasl-auth-p (buffer)
(and (condition-case ()
(require 'sasl)
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