Commit ff0b5f4c authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* keyboard.c (kbd_store_ptr): Declare this to be volatile, if

	__STDC__ is #defined.
	(Fdiscard_input): Use cast to keep GCC from complaining about the
	assignment of kbd_store_ptr to kbd_fetch_ptr.
parent a4659527
......@@ -250,6 +250,9 @@ static struct input_event *kbd_fetch_ptr;
/* Pointer to next place to store character in kbd_buffer. This
may be kbd_buffer + KBD_BUFFER_SIZE, meaning that the next
character should go in kbd_buffer[0]. */
#ifdef __STDC__
static struct input_event *kbd_store_ptr;
/* The above pair of variables forms a "queue empty" flag. When we
......@@ -3577,7 +3580,10 @@ Also cancel any kbd macro being defined.")
discard_tty_input ();
kbd_fetch_ptr = kbd_store_ptr;
/* Without the cast, GCC complains that this assignment loses the
volatile qualifier of kbd_store_ptr. Is there anything wrong
with that? */
kbd_fetch_ptr = (struct input_event *) kbd_store_ptr;
input_pending = 0;
return Qnil;
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