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Document tags-case-fold-search, tags-apropos-verbose and tags-tag-face.

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......@@ -2412,6 +2412,13 @@ ordinary @kbd{M-x query-replace-regexp}. It searches much like @kbd{M-x
tags-search}, but repeatedly, processing matches according to your
input. @xref{Replace}, for more information on query replace.
@vindex tags-case-fold-search
@cindex case-sensitivity, and tags search
You can control the case-sensitivity of tags search commands by
customizing the value of the variable @code{tags-case-fold-search}. The
default is to use the same setting as the value of
@code{case-fold-search} (@pxref{Search Case}).
It is possible to get through all the files in the tags table with a
single invocation of @kbd{M-x tags-query-replace}. But often it is
useful to exit temporarily, which you can do with any input event that
......@@ -2468,6 +2475,13 @@ tag names found.
You can display additional output with @kbd{M-x tags-apropos} by customizing
the variable @code{tags-apropos-additional-actions}. See its
documentation for details.
@vindex tags-apropos-verbose
Setting the variable @code{tags-apropos-verbose} to a non-nil value
causes @kbd{M-x tags-apropos} to display the names of the tags files
together with the tag names.
@vindex tags-tag-face
The face @code{tags-tag-face} can be used to customize the appearance of
tags in the output of @kbd{M-x tags-apropos}.
You can also perform completion in the buffer on the name space of tag
names in the current tags tables. @xref{Symbol Completion}.
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