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Some easy NEWS markup

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......@@ -671,6 +671,7 @@ To turn off the search field, set custom-search-field to nil.
*** Custom options now start out hidden if at their default values.
Use the arrow to the left of the option name to toggle visibility.
*** custom-buffer-sort-alphabetically now defaults to t.
......@@ -750,10 +751,13 @@ by default.
** MH-E has been upgraded to MH-E version 8.3.1.
See MH-E-NEWS for details.
** Modula-2 mode provides auto-indentation.
** mpc.el: Can use pseudo tags of the form tag1|tag2 as a union of two tags.
** Prolog mode has been completely revamped, with lots of additional
functionality such as more intelligent indentation, electricity, support for
more variants, including Mercury, and a lot more.
......@@ -976,7 +980,8 @@ Notifications API. It requires D-Bus for communication.
** soap-client.el supports access to SOAP web services from Emacs.
soap-inspect.el is an interactive inspector for SOAP WSDL structures.
** xmodmap-generic-mode for xmodmap files.
** New generic mode, xmodmap-generic-mode, for xmodmap files.
** New emacs-lock.el package.
(The pre-existing one has been renamed to old-emacs-lock.el and moved
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