Commit ff27bfbe authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(child_setup) [WINDOWSNT]: Removed syntax errors.

parent d114e0a4
......@@ -808,9 +808,9 @@ child_setup (in, out, err, new_argv, set_pgrp, current_dir)
/* Spawn the child. (See ntproc.c:Spawnve). */
cpid = spawnve (_P_NOWAIT, new_argv[0], new_argv, env);
if (cpid == -1) { ????
report_file_error ("Spawning child process", Qnil);
if (cpid == -1)
/* An error occurred while trying to spawn the process. */
report_file_error ("Spawning child process", Qnil);
reset_standard_handles (in, out, err, handles);
return cpid;
#else /* not WINDOWSNT */
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