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2007-06-23 Juanma Barranquero <>
* ruler-mode.el (ruler-mode): Prevent clobbering the original
`header-line-format' when reentering ruler mode.
2007-06-23 Eli Zaretskii <>
* ls-lisp.el (insert-directory): Don't treat FILE as a wildcard if
......@@ -8,7 +13,7 @@
* vera-mode.el (vera-mode): Fix `commend-end-skip' setting.
(vera-font-lock-match-item): Fix doc string.
(vera-in-comment-p): Remove unused function.
(vera-skip-forward-literal,vera-skip-backward-literal): Improve code,
(vera-skip-forward-literal, vera-skip-backward-literal): Improve code,
use `syntax-ppss'.
(vera-forward-syntactic-ws): Fix argument order.
(vera-prepare-search): Use `with-syntax-table'.
......@@ -10350,7 +10355,7 @@
* calendar/cal-menu.el (calendar-mode-map, calendar-mouse-3-map):
* calendar/calendar.el (calendar-mode-map):
* calendar/diary-lib.el (include-other-diary-files,diary-mail-entries):
* calendar/diary-lib.el (include-other-diary-files, diary-mail-entries):
* calendar/appt.el (appt-check, appt-make-list): Refer to
diary-view-entries, diary-list-entries, diary-show-all-entries
rather than obsolete aliases.
......@@ -11427,7 +11432,7 @@
(org-table-create-or-convert-from-region): New commands
(org-table-toggle-vline-visibility): Command removed.
(org-table-convert-region): Made a command.
(orgtbl-deleta-backward-char,orgtbl-delete-char): Remove commands.
(orgtbl-deleta-backward-char, orgtbl-delete-char): Remove commands.
Replace with the normal org- functions.
(org-self-insert-command): Don't trigger realign unnecessarily
when blanking a field that is not full.
......@@ -11837,7 +11842,7 @@
(ibuffer-mode-header-map): New keymaps.
(ibuffer-update-title-and-summary): Enable mouse face highlighting
and keybindings for column headers.
(name,size,mode) <define-ibuffer-column>: Add a header-mouse-map
(name, size, mode) <define-ibuffer-column>: Add a header-mouse-map
2006-04-02 Drew Adams <> (tiny change)
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