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2007-01-24 Kim F. Storm <>
* ido.el (ido-initial-position): New variable.
(ido-read-internal): Set it if default item is specified.
(ido-minibuffer-setup): Position cursor accordingly if set.
(ido-edit-input): C-e moves to end of input if not already there.
(ido-magic-backward-char): C-b does like M-b if prev char is /.
Don't switch to buffer mode if repeating C-b at start of input.
(ido-toggle-ignore): C-a only toggles ignore at start or end of
input; else it moves to start of input.
(ido-kill-buffer-at-head, ido-delete-file-at-head): If cursor is
not at end of input, delete rest of input, rather than normal op.
2007-01-23 Michael Kifer <>
* viper-keym.el (viper-insert-basic-map): Delete binding for S-TAB.
2007-01-24 Kim F. Storm <>
* keymap.c (describe_map): Don't consider prefix keys to be shadowed.
2007-01-23 Juanma Barranquero <>
* editfns.c (Finsert_char): Doc fix.
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