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Merge from emacs--devo--0

Patches applied:

 * emacs--devo--0  (patch 299)

   - Update from CVS

parents b3f948e8 afd63bda
2006-06-07 Kevin Ryde <>
* mule.texi (Coding Systems): Footnote xref "MS-DOS and MULE" in main
manual for @ifnottex, but in emacs-extra for @iftex.
* cmdargs.texi (General Variables): Fix smtpmail xref.
2006-05-18 Reiner Steib <>
* gnus.texi (Saving Articles): Clarify gnus-summary-save-article-mail.
......@@ -552,7 +552,7 @@ The name of an interpreter used to parse and execute programs run from
inside Emacs.
The name of the outgoing mail server. Used by the SMTP library
(@pxref{Top,,,Sending mail via SMTP,smtpmail}).
(@pxref{Top,,,smtpmail,Sending mail via SMTP}).
@cindex background mode, on @command{xterm}
@item TERM
The type of the terminal that Emacs is using. This variable must be
......@@ -605,7 +605,13 @@ system; for example, to visit a file encoded in codepage 850, type
In the MS-DOS port of Emacs, you need to create a @code{cp@var{nnn}}
coding system with @kbd{M-x codepage-setup}, before you can use it.
@xref{MS-DOS and MULE,,,emacs-extra,Specialized Emacs Features}.}.
@xref{MS-DOS and MULE,,,emacs-extra,Specialized Emacs Features}.
@end iftex
@xref{MS-DOS and MULE}.
@end ifnottex
In addition to converting various representations of non-@acronym{ASCII}
characters, a coding system can perform end-of-line conversion. Emacs
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