Commit ff58478b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(replace_buffer_in_all_windows): New function.

Like Freplace_buffer_in_windows but really does all frames.
parent 00550f94
......@@ -1624,6 +1624,36 @@ DEFUN ("replace-buffer-in-windows", Freplace_buffer_in_windows,
return Qnil;
/* Replace BUFFER with some other buffer in all windows
of all frames, even those on other keyboards. */
replace_buffer_in_all_windows (buffer)
Lisp_Object buffer;
Lisp_Object tail, frame;
Lisp_Object old_selected;
old_selected = selected_window;
/* A single call to window_loop won't do the job
because it only considers frames on the current keyboard.
So loop manually over frames, and handle each one. */
FOR_EACH_FRAME (tail, frame)
Fselect_window (FRAME_SELECTED_WINDOW (XFRAME (frame)));
window_loop (UNSHOW_BUFFER, buffer, 0, frame);
Fselect_window (old_selected);
window_loop (UNSHOW_BUFFER, buffer, 0, Qt);
/* Set the height of WINDOW and all its inferiors. */
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