Commit ff804ff5 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(popmail): Remove some unnecessary function

(popmail, pop_retr): Since popmail always passes mbx_write and mbf
into pop_retr, there's no reason to pass in mbx_write, and the
file argument can be declared FILE * explicitly.  This fixes a
compilation problem on systems with 64-bit pointers.
parent 2bffb7c4
......@@ -679,9 +679,7 @@ popmail (user, outfile, preserve, password)
int mbfi;
FILE *mbf;
char *getenv ();
int mbx_write ();
popserver server;
extern char *strerror ();
server = pop_open (0, user, password, POP_NO_GETPASS);
if (! server)
......@@ -723,7 +721,7 @@ popmail (user, outfile, preserve, password)
for (i = 1; i <= nmsgs; i++)
mbx_delimit_begin (mbf);
if (pop_retr (server, i, mbx_write, mbf) != OK)
if (pop_retr (server, i, mbf) != OK)
error (Errmsg);
close (mbfi);
......@@ -780,9 +778,10 @@ popmail (user, outfile, preserve, password)
return (0);
pop_retr (server, msgno, action, arg)
pop_retr (server, msgno, arg)
popserver server;
int (*action) ();
FILE *arg;
extern char *strerror ();
char *line;
......@@ -800,7 +799,7 @@ pop_retr (server, msgno, action, arg)
if (! line)
if ((*action)(line, arg) != OK)
if (mbx_write (line, arg) != OK)
strcpy (Errmsg, strerror (errno));
pop_close (server);
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