Commit ff919460 authored by Jan D's avatar Jan D
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* xterm.c (XTring_bell, XTset_terminal_window): Fix wrong prototype.

parent e4c8d29a
2010-07-05 Jan Djärv <>
* xterm.c (XTring_bell, XTset_terminal_window): Fix wrong prototype.
* xsmfns.c (SSDATA): New macro.
(smc_save_yourself_CB, x_session_initialize): Use SSDATA for strings
passed to strlen/strcpy/strcat.
......@@ -3103,10 +3103,8 @@ XTtoggle_invisible_pointer (FRAME_PTR f, int invisible)
/* Make audible bell. */
XTring_bell (void)
XTring_bell (struct frame *f)
struct frame *f = SELECTED_FRAME ();
#if defined (HAVE_TIMEVAL) && defined (HAVE_SELECT)
......@@ -3130,7 +3128,7 @@ XTring_bell (void)
that is bounded by calls to x_update_begin and x_update_end. */
static void
XTset_terminal_window (register int n)
XTset_terminal_window (struct frame *f, int n)
/* This function intentionally left blank. */
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