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......@@ -370,23 +370,31 @@ File Handling
* Comparing Files:: Finding where two files differ.
* Misc File Ops:: Other things you can do on files.
* Compressed Files:: Accessing compressed files.
* File Archives:: Operating on tar, zip, jar etc. archive files.
* Remote Files:: Accessing files on other sites.
* Quoted File Names:: Quoting special characters in file names.
* File Name Cache:: Completion against a list of files you often use.
* File Conveniences:: Convenience Features for Finding Files.
* Filesets:: Handling sets of files.
Saving Files
* Backup:: How Emacs saves the old version of your file.
* Interlocking:: How Emacs protects against simultaneous editing
of one file by two users.
* Shadowing: File Shadowing.
Copying files to "shadows" automatically.
* Time Stamps:: Emacs can update time stamps on saved files.
Version Control
* Introduction to VC:: How version control works in general.
* VC Mode Line:: How the mode line shows version control status.
* VC Mode Line:: How the mode line shows version control status.
* Basic VC Editing:: How to edit a file under version control.
* Old Versions:: Examining and comparing old versions.
* Secondary VC Commands:: The commands used a little less frequently.
* Branches:: Multiple lines of development.
* Remote Repositories:: Efficient access to remote CVS servers.
* Snapshots:: Sets of file versions treated as a unit.
* Miscellaneous VC:: Various other commands and features of VC.
* Customizing VC:: Variables that change VC's behavior.
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