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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -4900,8 +4900,12 @@ of the display margins.
*** `sit-for' can now be called with args (SECONDS &optional NODISP).
*** `sit-for' called with a negative SECONDS value now forces an
immediate redisplay even if input is pending.
*** Iconifying or deiconifying a frame no longer makes sit-for return.
*** New function `redisplay' causes an immediate redisplay if no input is
available, equivalent to (sit-for 0). The call (redisplay t) forces
an immediate redisplay even if input is pending.
*** New function `force-window-update' can initiate a full redisplay of
2006-07-11 Kim F. Storm <>
* subr.el (sit-for): Doc fix. Specify normal arg list using fn-form.
Simplify by calling redisplay with non-nil arg if seconds < 0.
Remove special case for seconds < 0. Use (redisplay t) instead.
2006-07-10 Chong Yidong <>
2006-07-11 Kim F. Storm <>
* display.texi (Forcing Redisplay): Add `redisplay' function.
Don't mention (sit-for -1) -- use (redisplay t) instead.
* commands.texi (Waiting): (sit-for -1) is no longer special.
(sit-for 0) is equivalent to (redisplay).
Iconifying/deiconifying no longer makes sit-for return.
2006-07-11 Nick Roberts <>
* tips.texi (Coding Conventions): Mention macros.
2006-07-11 Kim F. Storm <>
* dispnew.c (Fredisplay): Add FORCE argument to force redisplay when
input is available. Fix test for redisplay_dont_pause non-nil.
Specbind redisplay-dont-pause to t if FORCE non-nil.
2006-07-10 Chong Yidong <>
* puresize.h (BASE_PURESIZE): Increment to 1211000.
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