Commit ffa286a2 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(display_text_line): When handling HPOS < 0 after loop,

if compute_motion fails to advance at all, don't back it up.
parent acafa9cf
......@@ -3371,8 +3371,9 @@ display_text_line (w, start, start_byte, vpos, hpos, taboffset, ovstr_done)
compute_motion may have moved us past the screen position we
requested, if we hit a multi-column character, or the end of
the line. If so, back up. */
if (left_edge->vpos > vpos
|| left_edge->hpos > 0)
if ((left_edge->vpos > vpos
|| left_edge->hpos > 0)
&& left_edge->bufpos > pos)
pos = left_edge->bufpos;
pos_byte = left_edge->bytepos;
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