Commit ffa86039 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

* lisp/files.el (file-tree-walk): Remove; of unknown authorship.

* etc/NEWS: Remove entry.

Fixes: debbugs:19325
parent dff81fa7
......@@ -141,10 +141,6 @@ this has no effect.
** A new text property `inhibit-read-only' can be used in read-only
buffers to allow certain parts of the text to be writable.
** A new function `file-tree-walk' allows to apply a certain action
to all the files and subdirectories of a directory, similarly to the C
library function `ftw'.
** A new function `directory-files-recursively' returns all matching
files (recursively) under a directory.
2015-01-08 Glenn Morris <>
* files.el (file-tree-walk): Remove; of unknown authorship. (Bug#19325)
2015-01-07 K. Handa <>
* international/ccl.el (define-ccl-program): Improve the docstring.
......@@ -729,38 +729,6 @@ The path separator is colon in GNU and GNU-like systems."
(lambda (f) (and (file-directory-p f) 'dir-ok)))
(error "No such directory found via CDPATH environment variable"))))
(defun file-tree-walk (dir action &rest args)
"Walk DIR executing ACTION on each file, with ARGS as additional arguments.
For each file, the function calls ACTION as follows:
Where DIRECTORY is the leading directory of the file,
BASENAME is the basename of the file,
and ARGS are as specified in the call to this function, or nil if omitted.
The ACTION is applied to each subdirectory before descending into
it, and if nil is returned at that point, the descent will be
prevented. Directory entries are sorted with string-lessp."
(cond ((file-directory-p dir)
(setq dir (file-name-as-directory dir))
(let ((lst (directory-files dir nil nil t))
fullname file)
(while lst
(setq file (car lst))
(setq lst (cdr lst))
(cond ((member file '("." "..")))
(and (apply action dir file args)
(setq fullname (concat dir file))
(file-directory-p fullname)
(apply 'file-tree-walk fullname action args)))))))
(apply action
(file-name-directory dir)
(file-name-nondirectory dir)
(defsubst directory-name-p (name)
"Return non-nil if NAME ends with a slash character."
(and (> (length name) 0)
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