Commit ffb0b9d7 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(bootstrap-lisp-1, bootstrap-lisp, bootstrap)

(bootstrap-clean-after): Delete.
(bootstrap): Make the sequencing explicit.
parent edeabf08
......@@ -711,7 +711,7 @@ dvi:
### special emacs executable is built from Lisp sources, which is then
### used to compile Lisp files. The last step is a "normal" make.
.PHONY: bootstrap bootstrap-lisp-1 boostrap-src bootstrap-lisp bootstrap-clean
.PHONY: bootstrap
.PHONY: maybe_bootstrap
......@@ -721,16 +721,12 @@ maybe_bootstrap:
exit 1;\
bootstrap: bootstrap-clean-before bootstrap-lisp-1 bootstrap-src bootstrap-lisp bootstrap-clean-after all info
bootstrap: bootstrap-clean-before info FRC
(cd lisp; $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) bootstrap-clean)
(cd lisp; $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) bootstrap EMACS=../src/bootstrap-emacs)
(cd src; $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) bootstrap)
(cd lisp; $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) bootstrap EMACS=../src/bootstrap-emacs)
(cd src; $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) mostlyclean)
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) all
### Used for `bootstrap' to avoid deleting existing dumped Emacs executables.
bootstrap-clean-before: FRC
......@@ -743,5 +739,3 @@ bootstrap-clean-before: FRC
-(cd lispintro && $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) clean)
(cd leim; $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) clean)
(cd src; $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) mostlyclean)
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