Commit ffd225c4 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Remove definition of struct x_display_info and struct x_output.

(FRAME_FONT): Use output_data.tty.
(struct x_display_info): Renamed from display_info.  All users in msdos.c
(struct x_output): Remove background_pixel and foreground_pixel.
(the_only_display_info): Renamed from the_only_x_display.
(dos_ttraw): Update prototype.
parent 4714a481
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>. */
#include <dpmi.h>
int dos_ttraw ();
int dos_ttraw (struct tty_display_info *);
int dos_ttcooked ();
int dos_get_saved_screen (char **, int *, int *);
int dos_set_keyboard (int, int);
......@@ -54,56 +54,13 @@ typedef int XRectangle;
#define PIX_TYPE unsigned long
#define XDISPLAY
/* A stripped version of struct x_display_info in xterm.h, which see. */
struct display_info
/* These variables describe the range of text currently shown in its
mouse-face, together with the window they apply to. As long as
the mouse stays within this range, we need not redraw anything on
its account. Rows and columns are glyph matrix positions in
int mouse_face_beg_row, mouse_face_beg_col;
int mouse_face_end_row, mouse_face_end_col;
int mouse_face_past_end;
Lisp_Object mouse_face_window;
int mouse_face_face_id;
/* 1 if a mouse motion event came and we didn't handle it right away because
gc was in progress. */
int mouse_face_deferred_gc;
/* FRAME and X, Y position of mouse when last checked for
highlighting. X and Y can be negative or out of range for the frame. */
struct frame *mouse_face_mouse_frame;
int mouse_face_mouse_x, mouse_face_mouse_y;
/* Nonzero means defer mouse-motion highlighting. */
int mouse_face_defer;
/* Nonzero means that the mouse highlight should not be shown. */
int mouse_face_hidden;
typedef struct display_info Display_Info;
/* This is a cut-down version of the one in xterm.h, which see. */
struct x_output
PIX_TYPE background_pixel; /* used in xfaces.c and lots of other places */
PIX_TYPE foreground_pixel; /* ditto */
XFontStruct *font; /* used in x-popup-menu (xmenu.c) */
Window hourglass_window; /* currently unused (but maybe some day) */
unsigned hourglass_p : 1; /* ditto */
struct display_info display_info; /* used for drawing mouse highlight */
typedef struct tty_display_info Display_Info;
extern struct x_output the_only_x_display;
extern struct tty_display_info the_only_display_info;
#define FRAME_X_DISPLAY(f) ((Display *) 0)
#define FRAME_FOREGROUND_PIXEL(f) (the_only_x_display.foreground_pixel)
#define FRAME_BACKGROUND_PIXEL(f) (the_only_x_display.background_pixel)
#define FRAME_FONT(f) (the_only_x_display.font)
#define FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO(f) (&the_only_x_display.display_info)
#define FRAME_FONT(f) ((f)->output_data.tty->font)
#define FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO(f) (&the_only_display_info)
/* Prototypes. */
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