Commit ffd71266 authored by YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
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(mac_font_panel_visible_p, mac_show_hide_font_panel): Add externs.

parent b71c381c
2006-05-29 YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu <>
* macfns.c [USE_MAC_FONT_PANEL] (Fmac_set_font_panel_visibility):
Call mac_set_font_info_for_selection if font panel is made visible.
* macterm.c (font_panel_shown_p) [USE_MAC_FONT_PANEL]: New variable.
(mac_font_panel_visible_p, mac_show_hide_font_panel)
[USE_MAC_FONT_PANEL]: New functions.
[USE_MAC_FONT_PANEL] (mac_set_font_info_for_selection): Return
immediately if font panel is not visible.
* macterm.h (mac_font_panel_visible_p, mac_show_hide_font_panel):
Add externs.
2006-05-29 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* search.c (matcher_overflow): Mark as NO_RETURN.
......@@ -626,6 +626,8 @@ extern void mac_draw_line_to_pixmap P_ ((Display *, Pixmap, GC, int, int,
extern void mac_clear_area P_ ((struct frame *, int, int,
unsigned int, unsigned int));
extern void mac_unload_font P_ ((struct mac_display_info *, XFontStruct *));
extern int mac_font_panel_visible_p P_ ((void));
extern OSStatus mac_show_hide_font_panel P_ ((void));
extern OSStatus mac_set_font_info_for_selection P_ ((struct frame *, int, int));
extern OSErr install_window_handler P_ ((WindowPtr));
extern void remove_window_handler P_ ((WindowPtr));
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